Which areas are nearly always forgotten or not scoped for enough in Enterprise Ecommerce projects?

  1. Content: the size of the content requirements are nearly always underestimated, this often has a much larger project impact than initially understood. Outline a ‘content’ sub-project up front and assign a resource to manage this.
  2. Data: data integration, product data cleanliness, index requirements for product data search & discovery. Create a ‘data integration, API & interface diagram’, document all the source and destination file formats, and get expert help for search and discovery. Outline a ‘product data’ sub-project up front and assign a resource to manage this (document all the required data types and variants).
  3. Front end design: We see a lot of projects get lost or carried away in the front end design phase, where the design element can take on a life of its own. Don’t lose sight of go-live for the sake of great design. With headless commerce design part of every project now, its often better to stay focused on getting live under budget and ontime intially… and redesign the front end later. Use the OOTB front end libraries if you can.

These are a few of the classic problem areas (theres more, but these are classics) that need to be identified and managed upfront and throughout your project – we see these 3 pop up time and time again…