Emporix has added a new dimension to the Enterprise Ecommerce world. Built on a MACH architecture, Emporix is not only  a composable commerce solution, its also built on top of a process automation framework. Its an incredible product that is set to change the digital commerce landscape forever.

Emporix has been built by some of the original founders of hybris (bought out by SAP in 2013). These people are global visionaries in this space and they have changed the game again! Because Emporix is a composable solutions built from the ground up as a process engine Рthen it can be used for so many things Рcompose your generation 4 enterprise ecommerce solution, or run it alongside your current solution and simply call the APIs that you need to keep in place (eg no need to move your current product catalog if you dont want to). As its on an enterprise cloud native foundation Рthere are no more upgrade projects, ever (think about that for a minute!)

Currently the focus is on B2B and complex B2C digital commerce implementaions, however as its process based – you can build out 1 or 2 (or many) processes only… which then enables you to run process mining applications across your ecommerce stack – and then change the processes… on the fly.

The product is a game changer.