Our Expertise

Ecommerce and business intelligence experts.

Nearly every business goes through a number of stages when going online: from brochure websites to shopping cart sites, to back-end integration and added functionality. Wherever you are on your journey online, we’re all about helping you take the next step – one that’s not only right for where your business is now, but is also future-proofed so you’re all set as you innovate further.

Whether you need to upgrade your website to a superior platform for better performance, or rebuild it onto technology that will go the distance and deliver better ROI, ecommbi can help.

Omnichannel pioneers.

As consumers have become more complex and a whole lot more savvy, omnichannel retailing is becoming the norm. Using up to eight different channels as part of their shopping (and pre-purchase research) experience, customers expect a seamless and slick experience.

At ecommbi, we’ve long been leading the industry when it comes to omnichannel retailing. We were here first, so bring all the learning to enable you to avoid the pitfalls. Our platforms not only resolve channel conflict and provide the all-important single customer and single product views, they also reduce the industry standard 50% risk of customer churn as consumers move across different channels. It makes sense to engage a team who have charted this territory before and have a successful and proven track record with countless other retail brands.

Speakers of many languages.

Middleware is the glue that enables your IT systems to integrate, or talk to each other. Without it, you end up with a number of applications sitting separately, which creates disconnect throughout your business and makes it next to impossible to achieve the single customer view or product enrichment that marks a slick shopping experience.

At ecommbi, we act as the master translator – effectively constructing a platform that spans your IT landscape, making your data easily accessible and speaks to all your vital components, bringing them together.

Marketing Masterminds.

We’ve understood for a long time that it’s no longer as simple as ‘build it and they will come’ – hence the need for effective marketing for the online environment! From communications strategy, business intelligence, datamart integration and campaign management, through user interface (UI) and experience (UX), to loyalty schemes, social and video marketing, and pricing and promotions, it’s all part of your online roadmap.

At ecommbi, we understand the complexities of online marketing and ensure that any and all technology implementation supports that part of the business. Because we have both marketing and technology backgrounds, we work with your teams to tick all the boxes required by different business units from an online project.

If you’re in need of some help to navigate the online landscape, drop us a line! We’re happy to chat through what you need.

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