Let’s address some of the misconceptions of Emporix vs. SAP Commerce Cloud. 

Emporix is a game changer in the enterprise ecommerce space, that’s a common discussion we’re having around the globe now… but what if you have an SAP Commerce Cloud implementation? Or if you have a project underway currently? How can you justify a new technology? More spend? Different resources?

The main point to understand here is this: Emporix is NOT a “rip out & replace” project.

If you have an enterprise ecommerce project underway, or already established – emporix may be your new best friend. Why? Because Emporix is NOT a “rip out & replace” project! 
Emporix is fully enterprise ecommerce, and it can be spun up in minutes (yes, you read that right!) Because it is a MACH architecture, you can utilise the components that you need, and leave the rest… e.g. if you have invested a large amount in SAP Commerce Cloud already – and all your product data is currently in SAP – then you can utilise the Emporix APIs to call out to the SAP Commerce Cloud PIM (product information data). If you are having trouble with Search – you can call out to a search engine such as Algolia.

SAP Commerce Cloud does some thnigs incredibly well… and others not so much (as is the same for all ecommerce products). But Emporix is fast to spin up – its online immediately. And its cheap to implement, and the resources can be added to your project as ‘resources as a service’ if desired (so no need to ramp up additional resources on your current project)… and it integrates easily into any other system via APIs and process orchestration.

If some of this is new to you – thats OK, just get the advice onboard asap… so you know your options. Its not that difficult actually. 

Keep SAP Commerce Cloud in place… and use Emporix for (a) some of your brands, or (b) some of your compex (or expensive) processes! or (c) as a ‘tactical solution’ to ensure you still go live as per your required project timelines, or (d) to bring process orchestration into your SAP Commerce implementation

All of these are viable options that will help your SAP Commerce project. Remember Emporix links into SAP Commerce easily via their respective APIs.

Lastly, Emporix was built from the ground up… by the original founders and architects of hybris (which was sold to SAP and forms the base of the SAP Commerce Cloud product). They know how to integrate Emporix into your SAP Commerce Cloud technology stack… because they built it!