Why is a support contract important?

A support contract is the best way to get consistent results out of an IT Company. Such contracts ensure you have dedicated resources and time allocated to supporting your business’s IT needs.

What happens if I don’t have a contract?

If you don’t have a support contract (with any IT Company) you do not have resources readily available to you. You are likely operating on an ad hoc agreement, where the company makes time for your business when they don’t have other business or customers on support contracts to prioritise. Ad-hoc means the IT Company cannot plan for your work, which means you are a lower priority than those who do have contracts.

How do I negotiate a contract that helps me win?

Planned contracted work means you should get a lower per hour rate than standard ad-hoc or market rates, or bonus hours that you can use for planned projects. These options help the IT company plan their work, while delivering value to the customer (You!).

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