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In the middle of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the founders of ecommbi got together when they saw a gap in the market for packaged Enterprse Ecommerce solutions. One of the founders had returned to New Zealand after 14 years in the IT industry in London where he had been implementing Enterprise Ecommerce solutions since 1999,  and the other had remained in New Zealand and become somewhat of a marketing specialist. ecommbi became New Zealands first hybris partner (hybris was bought by SAP in 2013), and grew from there. The original hybris founders are considered global visionaries in the Enterprise Ecommerce space, and we maintain close links with all the people involved, as they continue to lead this space even today.

The business is built on 3 disciplines (a) Ecommerce (b) Business Intelligence (c) Data Integration, and the name ‘ecommbi’ is a concatenation of the ‘ecomm’ for Ecommerce, and the ‘bi’ which stands for Business Intelligence.

ecommbi has weathered economic booms and busts, the global financial crisis, Covid, and more. We are spcialists in the  Enterprise Ecommerce, and we have worked with many of the best clients and partners locally and globally.

The ‘best of breed’ technologies always change over time, but the business continues to focus on the 3 disciplines as outlined above. The way to structure the projects, and to rescue projects gone offtrack, remains constant over time, and we found that as time went by we were called in more and more to rescue enterprise ecommerce projects and/or provide structure to digital transformation projects – and this has remained a real strength of the business.

As they say, ‘the one constant is change’ – and that is true of ecommerce… we are seeing the biggest and most exciting change in enterprise ecommerce in 2024, where there is a complete change in the architecture of digital commerce, and the move of organisations to a commerce structure that is underpinned with ‘process orchestration’. 

We believe this will be the defining change of digital commerce for the next 10 years, and anyone not moving to this will undoubtedly be left behind by their competitors… we have always been a leader in this space – and thats what ecommbi is doing now!

Emporix just changed everything

Emporix just changed everything

Has Emporix changed Enterprise Ecommerce forever?! Yes. It has. I dived into the Emporix solution recently to see how its Composable Commerce components hang together, and that was fascinating - but then I did a deep dive into the Process Orchestration engine....

Enterprise Ecommerce Evolution

Enterprise Ecommerce Evolution

Evolution of Digital Commerce Systems: We get asked a lot about the evolution of ecommerce, how it has unfolded and where we are currently, so heres brief a synopsis: Generation 1 - Monolithic system, Non-modular components, OnPrem, Capex, Generation 2 - Monolithic...

SAP Commerce Cloud project troubles?

SAP Commerce Cloud project troubles?

SAP Commerce Project Troubles? After 25 years building enterprise ecommerce projects in London and in New Zealand, and with client and partner networks across the globe... when ecommbi is called in to rescue an SAP Commerce project, or help guide one to a successful...


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