Has Emporix changed Enterprise Ecommerce forever?!

Yes. It has.

I dived into the Emporix solution recently to see how its Composable Commerce components hang together, and that was fascinating – but then I did a deep dive into the Process Orchestration engine.
Goodness… it took me a week to fully digest it to be honest. And I’m still a bit shocked at what is clearly coming in the Enterprise space.

Composable Commerce (well, composable IT really) layered on a MACH Architecture, AND with Process Orchestration built into the foundation of the product. The use cases that this opens up is mind blowing… you now have the ability to orchestrate your entire IT landscape (starting with Enterprise Ecommerce), with business users building drag & drop processes which are ‘baked in’ to the solution – thus enabling realtime changes… AND you can close loop these back into your Process Mining tool (because the process mining and the process orchestration are obviously built at the process level) i.e. business users make changes to their Composed Commerce solutions in the back end without the need for IT intervention and the process mining tool can check this in real time, this enabling updates (proof of ROI for the CFO just came of age!)

And thats before we talk about how AI is already built into your Process Mining tool (depending on which solution you have chosen).

Its such a game changer… I’m not sure which part to present to people 1st – but the product is definitely amazing… heres to the next 10 years!