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Global Reach
North America, Europe, Australia, NZ
Partners North America, Europe, India
Suppliers North America, Europe, India, Australia, NZ
Projects Enterprise projects completed in NZ and globally
Global Partnerships 1,000+ resources available

All Resource Types supplied
Project Managers / Programme Managers
Scrum Masters / Product Owners
Business Analysts
Solutions Architects
Developers / Team Leads
QA / Testing

All Team Sizes supplied
1 Resource needed? No problem
5 x teams of 8 developers needed? No problem

Management set up
Need resources supplemental to your internal teams, with no management from us? We will arrange interviews for you, help you with the resource selection if needed – then you run the resources as your own offshore team!

Want us to be involved to manage an offshore team instead? We will create the team and resources to suit your needs, and put our delivery manager in place for your project too!


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Composable Commerce & MACH

We’re passionate about embracing disruptive technologies and providing industry-leading solutions.  Our people have decades of commerce solutions and global enterprise architecture experience.
The world has moved into the 4th generation of ecommerce, and its a composable approach with a MACH based architecture.

We are commerce 
Its all we do.

True specialists in every role: programme & project managers, business analysts, developers, testers and solution & technical architects. 


Wherever you are in your journey online – from simple shopping cart sites to full back-end integration – we’ll help you take the next step towards better ROI and a solution that’s future-proof.


It’s not just enough to dominate a few channels in retail anymore. We can help you master them all and provide users with an experience that mitigates customer drift and channel conflict


API First
Cloud Native


Each IT project is part of a bigger picture. We understand that and can help you roadmap your ecommerce or omnichannel project so that all the pieces fit together and your solution goes the distance.

Global Experience

We have established strategic partnerships throughout the world, with a special focus on Europe, India and US.


It’s what we bring to your project. Everytime


Decades of combined solutions experience


Genuine global architecture expertise

Want to talk about Composable Commerce?

Emporix just changed everything

Emporix just changed everything

Has Emporix changed Enterprise Ecommerce forever?! Yes. It has. I dived into the Emporix solution recently to see how its Composable Commerce components hang together, and that was fascinating - but then I did a deep dive into the Process Orchestration engine....

Enterprise Ecommerce Evolution

Enterprise Ecommerce Evolution

Evolution of Digital Commerce Systems: We get asked a lot about the evolution of ecommerce, how it has unfolded and where we are currently, so heres brief a synopsis: Generation 1 - Monolithic system, Non-modular components, OnPrem, Capex, Generation 2 - Monolithic...

SAP Commerce Cloud project troubles?

SAP Commerce Cloud project troubles?

SAP Commerce Project Troubles? After 25 years building enterprise ecommerce projects in London and in New Zealand, and with client and partner networks across the globe... when ecommbi is called in to rescue an SAP Commerce project, or help guide one to a successful...


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