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An eCommerce or omnichannel project is your only large IT installation that is completely ‘customer facing’, and because of this, there are many differences when compared to other IT projects such as ERP, CRM, Financial, EDI, etc projects. It must take into account user interface (UI) design, communications and the user experience (UX), direct marketing, the completeness of data in order to differ single customer and product view, as well as integration to your wider IT landscape, and the ability to maximise your investment – and this is where ecommbi holds its niche position.

Your IT projects should be either increasing sales or cutting costs via improved efficiency

If they’re not, you should probably be talking to us! We don’t just talk the talk either; we also walk the walk, with decades of solutions experience and global architecture expertise. We’re passionate about embracing disruptive technologies and providing industry-leading solutions.

We are the omni​channel specialists you’re looking for…

True specialists in every role, including project managers to business analysts, developers, testers and technical architects. We’re the thinkers and doers, ready with a multi-disciplinary approach to achieving – and exceeding – the objectives of your project.


Wherever you are in your journey online – from simple shopping cart sites to full back-end integration – we’ll help you take the next step towards better ROI and a solution that’s future-proof.


It’s not just enough to dominate one channel in retail anymore. We can help you master them all and provide users with a slick and savvy experience that mitigates customer drift and channel conflict


Middleware is the ‘glue’ that enables your IT systems to integrate, or ‘talk’ to each other. Without an effective middleware platform or application, you will have a number of disconnects. We can help.


Each IT project is part of a bigger picture. We understand that and can help you roadmap your ecommerce or omnichannel project so that all the pieces fit together and your solution goes the distance.

Global Experience

We play well with others – and have established strategic partnerships throughout the world, with a special focus on Europe, India and US.


It’s what we bring to your project. Everytime


Decades of combined solutions experience


Genuine global architecture expertise

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