SAP Commerce Project Troubles?

After 25 years building enterprise ecommerce projects in London and in New Zealand, and with client and partner networks across the globe… when ecommbi is called in to rescue an SAP Commerce project, or help guide one to a successful implementation – the main piece of advice we give is that you firstly complete a full and detailed integration API & interface diagram. This is something that is hardly ever completed by the time we arrive into the project.

This diagram defines the commerce project (B2B and/or B2C) system scope boundaries, and it checks (and often re-defines) the project scope boundaries if they have been completed previously – from an Enterprise Ecommerce perspective. Once this is in place, all your team resourecs from C-level through management, design/development and the testers have set project demarcations to work to, which leads to easily defined budget allocations across the board – this is how you align everyone to your projecvt scope, and keep it in place throughout the entire project.